Custom Software Development

Graphite is a virtual platform that allows for digital platforms or channels to transact with fund managers without the need of human intervention.

Project Overview

Silica is a leading Business Process Outsourcing and Technology company specialising in the provision of investment product and shareholder administration services and solutions to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. They provide a unique wealth management platform and administration solution to enhance customer experience by allowing you to focus on your core competencies, namely investment performance and intermediary / investor relationships. Their strategy is to build a sustainable and profitable Business Process Outsourcing and Technology business, capable of providing superior administration services to a global retail investment market, whilst leveraging off a low-cost operating environment and our established platform client base in South Africa.

Graphite is a virtual platform that allows for digital platforms or channels to transact with fund managers without the need of human intervention. The emphasis is on the ability to digitally transact with many different investment managers, while holding a single view of investor portfolios.


Graphite provides an easy to use, low cost integration platform for submitting and reporting on investments across different investment managers and liability registers.

Integrators can submit investment instructions investment manager within their offering, which Graphite will validate, verify and distribute to the correct liability registers automatically. Integration with the underlying liability registers ensure faster feedback on investment instruction success of failure scenarios. Scheduled import processes update investor, investment and advisor information regularly, allowing the most up to date view of portfolios and associated data.

Processed transactions, investor holdings, fees and other reference data can be queried via the available API, in order to prepare and reconcile instructions.

  • New Investment
  • Purchases
  • Debit Orders
  • Redemptions
  • Recurring Redemptions
  • Switches
  • Recurring Switches
  • Static Investor Details


  • ASP.net Web API
  • Entity Framework
  • Autofac
  • RabbitMQ
  • EventStore
  • Nlog
  • JIRA Service Desk
  • Azure Cloud Infrastructure
  • OMS – Azure Operational Management System
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure Table Storage
  • Microsoft Azure KeyVault
  • Microsoft Azure Application Insights
  • Grafana


  • A messaging architecture is leveraged to provide distributed processing with reliable message delivery and recovery capabilities.
  • The processing system is composed task oriented .NET services that perform particular operations on instructions.
  • RabbitMQ serves as a reliable message broker.
  • EventStore provides operational audit logs and recovery services.
  • Auditing events are permanently persisted to Azure Table Storage.
  • The solution is hosted in the Microsoft Azure platform and entirely cloud based.
  • Azure Security Center provides policy compliance, vulnerability assessment, and threat detection capabilities
  • Integration to Graphite is achieved via a REST API with HMAC security for submitting instructions
  • An OData REST API provides a flexible means of querying advisor, investor and investment information, as well as additional reference data.
  • Azure SQL is used as the relational database
  • Security features leveraged for data-in-transit and data-at-rest are Azure SQL Always Encrtypted, Azure SQL Trasparent Data
  • Encryption, and .Net Encryption with Azure Key Vault secret management.
  • Microsoft Azure OMS provides operations management and systems monitoring for the various services and sub-components that make up
  • the system.
  • Automated error notification and monitoring are provided via JIRA Service Desk.
  • Services are replicated across regions to ensure high availability and reliability.
  • Grafana is use as an operational dashboard.