DMA Onboarder

Custom Software Development, UX & Design

A digital client onboarding tool to improve acquisition of new DMA customers without requiring input from financial advisors.

Building the DMA Onboarder

Problem: DMA would like to simplify and streamline their current onboarding process by replacing the current paper-based flow with a modern, electronic sign up process.

Solution: Design and develop a web application so that new clients (investors) and independent financial advisors can apply for a DMA account online.

DMA Onboarder landing page

Project Overview

DMA approached us to design and build an interactive onboarding web application where future investors could apply for an investment account.

Our solution was a custom-built ‘smart’ form which would both aid users in applying for an investment account and inform investment brokers, resulting in swift processing.

The system was designed to create an easy method for users to apply for an investment account and to assist investment brokers with processing by supplying them with the knowledge they require.

Feature Highlights

  • Modern form design
  • Interactive form components
  • Application progress tracker
  • Dynamic field injector
  • PDF generation
  • Email notifications
  • White label support
DMA Onboarder details page 1a
DMA Onboarder details page 1b

Technology Used

The DMA Onboarder application was built using the following technologies:

  • .NET Core 2.0 Web API
  • .NET Standard
  • Node JS
  • React JS
  • Redux JS
  • DotNetZip
  • jsreport-core and relevant extensions

We chose .NET Core 2.0 Web API to handle our server processing because our system needed the best possible performance and scalability.

We chose React and Redux for our front-end development because the nature of the smart form would rely heavily on customisable components. React was designed specifically for these kinds of scenarios and was supported by Redux to track the current state of the application.

DMA Onboarder knowledge page


The DMA Onboarder consists of two principal layers, the user interface later and the server layer:

DMA Onboarder architecture

The user interface layer is a JavaScript single-page application (SPA) built using ReactJS, which uses ReduxJS for state management. The application makes use of a layered structure to separate logic and presentation components. It is primarily responsible for tracking application state, dynamic field injection, and sending instructions to the server layer.

The server layer is a simple, custom Web API built using ASP.NET Core to process instructions from the user interface layer. The system is separated into multiple single responsibility modules for easy readability, reusability, and reliability. It is primarily responsible for PDF generation, file archiving, and email notifications.