10X Investments

CMS, Custom Software Development, UX & Design

A digital client onboarding tool with electronic signatures to improve acquisition of new 10X customers without requiring input from financial advisors.

Project Overview

10X Investments was founded with a simple goal: to give South Africans as much money as possible when they retire. With hundreds of complex and competing investment choices, supported by an army of middle men to “help” people navigate this complexity, 10X reverted to a simple approach that eliminates the need for advisors and removes the need for investors to make any investment decisions that can penalise them in the long run.



  • SQL Server for data storage
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Entity Framework
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Hangfire
  • Hotjar
  • Application Insights
  • NML API documenter


NML are responsible for Invest.10X, which is the online application site, and Orka, which is 10X’s central API which is used to integrate and manage communication between all of their systems. Both of these applications are hosted on Microsoft Azure, as well as their respective databases.


Web Application (Invest.10X)

The web application helps users complete applications for various fund products through an easy to use process. A single page form is used to guide the user through a number of steps during the completion of their application.

At the end of the online application process, the client signs an electronic form that is generated via Adobe Sign. If supporting documents are required, like proof of address, the user is also able to attach these files to the generated form.

The web application was built on top of our core NML CMS which uses a tiered architecture and object oriented design:

  • Data Access Layer
    • SQL Database
    • Entity Framework
  • Business layer - NML CMS
    • Content Manager to create, store and edit content. Also allows moving content between states such as draft, published and archived.
    • User Manager to create, remove and modify users as well as their roles in the application. Menu Manager to view and edit menus.

Web API (Orka)

The website communicates with a web API, which we built to process applications and update 10X’s internal systems and is built using ASP.Net Web API architecture. The data layer is built using Entity Framework code first methodology, which allows for increased portability and scalability.

All incoming requests are encrypted.

Orka integrates with 10X’s CRM system, updating it with leads from various contributors, including invest.10x. Any updates in the CRM system are then updated Webhooks are used to integrate with external services such as Mailchimp and Google Analytics.

Both Invest.10x and Orka make use of Application Insights for integrated reporting and error tracking. Dashboards are created for custom and quick views of the performance and health of the system and its sub-systems.