NML Learning Channel 4 - Dependency Injection

By Charl Marais

Inversion of control skills





It’s time to practice those mad inversion of control skills we discussed in the previous learning channel session and combine them with your improved typing abilities!

  • Download the provided project and with as little as possible code changes, apply inversion of control to it.
  • The framework and pattern is up to you.
  • The application must continue to operate and produce output as it does now, but for the over eager beavers, I’ve provided extension points where you can provide you own implementations for a better version of the application.
  • To clarify, you can extend the application to via IoC to be able to run different versions of components to what’s provided, but you will need you show that the current behavior is still there by at most changing dependency registrations.
  • That means that you are allowed to refactor (add interfaces, extract base classes, etc).
  • A deadline will be announced later, based on how many questions and/or entries I receive over the next week.
  • Aim for next Friday (22nd). A week with a couple of minutes everyday should be enough.
  • I estimate the most basic entry for this should take no more than an hour.
  • Bonus points: If you can finish the last stage of the game with no misses.
  • NOTE: You will have to play it live in front of me on my version.

Review and Entries

Dependency Injection Mob: