NML Learning Channel 3 - Creation Patterns

By Charl Marais

Add an implementation for IBadFluentWeatherModelBuilder



https://learningchannel.blob.core.windows.net/003-factorymethod-provider-builder/Patterns-FactoryMethod-Provider-Builder-11am.mp4 (Sound not the best)




Code challenge: Add an implementation for IBadFluentWeatherModelBuilder (and related interfaces):

  • Running the project should give the desired output. So running code is a priority this time!
  • ONLY add code to BadFluentWeatherModelBuilder.cs
  • No editing of the interfaces as provided

Please note

  • Outside of work hours or at least work in any time spent on this. I estimate it should take no more than 2 hours
  • Extra consideration/mention if you find a way to use value tuples (that is sensible!)
  • Extra consideration/mention if you use best practice OOP
  • Extra consideration/mention if your code is immaculate and Re-sharper compliant
  • Entries to be submitted by 11am on Thursday the 13th, 2019 latest
  • ONLY individual entries accepted this time
  • There will be a winner this time and some kind of stupid prize, like a Vida coffee or drink of your choice.

Review and Entries