And The Challenge Champions Are…


A couple of weeks back we initiated the Open Coding Challenge, and got some great submissions in. We followed that up with The Christmas Tree Challenge the week after.

In exchange for the smart solutions, we’ve got some feedback from Charl, the NML’er behind the challenges. Here they are, in order of impressiveness (just kidding). Hope to see your entry in the next round.

###Challenge Number One###

In this challenge we asked for a run-length encoder. Being the first challenge, we didn’t get too many submissions, but at least I got to share my favourite poem of all time! The Jabberwocky, by Lewis Caroll. A special mention here to Christopher Pitt, from Joe Public who was our very first entrant in the series! He got a beer and a cheers from us.

We got the following solutions:

These are all awesome entries! (I won’t even pretend to comprehend the Ruby version.) I suggest you have a look at how these 4 talented people’s ideas differ.

The Christmas Tree Challenge

In the Christmas tree challenge, we wanted a triangle to be printed out. We had fantastic responses to this one, although some turn out to be wind blown Christmas trees, leaning all to one side!

tar pupil (or should I say, master artist) on this challenge was Christopher Pitt again, going beyond and above the call of duty to produce a Christmas tree that not only isn’t JUST a triangle, but also changes colour.

The solutions received:

In the interest of potential lawsuits, I must mention that @donald_jackson provided a modified version of @perelson’s code. However, we list him here, because we at NML like to recognise everybody, no matter how small or “plagiaristic” their contribution may be!

Thanks for the contributions! If we’ve forgotten any entries, please let us know! Enjoy the next one: The Box.

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